All About Me:  Amanda

Hi, my name is Amanda. And I am funny, creative, silly, lovable, crazy, and colorful. (As you can 

see…) My favorite colors are purple and blue. My favorite food is pasta. When I am at school, my 

favorite subject is Math, Science, and Digital Media. When I am at home, my favorite thing to do 

is play with my dogs: Angel, Champ, and Lucy. I also have a cat named Chewy. But he is really 

mean. One of my other favorite hobbies is playing on the computer or hanging out with my 

niece: Sarah, Mon.- Fri. at my house. I love my family. One of the things you can learn from me 

is that I am an aunt to 4 people. And I am a babysitter at the most 5 times a year for my nieces 

and nephew: Rose Anne, Kristopher, and Sarah. But, interesting fact, I am an aunt to a 19 year 

old! Also I have never gone to Hawaii. But I was going to go this year but my mom got eye 

surgery and she had to recover and so it was the beginning of school by that time. I was upset 

but we might be able to go this summer. I also love Disneyland. I hate roller coasters. I have a 

fear of heights and speed. I went on the Giant Dipper with my dad because I wanted to see what it was like. So when I went I wanted to jump off. It felt like I was FALLING out of my SEAT. I 

was so SCARED. That was a little (more like a lot) about me. Hope you enjoyed my paragraph. And please make sure you comment on our blog website and try to watch every episode we make.



All about me: Kate
   Hi my name is Kate and I am clumsy, funny, and athletic.My favorite food is pineapple. My favorite sports are basketball and soccer. I love just goofing off with friends. My favorite animals are dogs and elephants. Two of my favorite colors is aqua or light blue. I have two older brothers but that is what makes me stronger. My favorite place to go is Hawaii and also Disneyland. My favorite ride is Matterhorn, especially at night. Everyone remembers me by laughing all the time and my magical freckles. I am so scared of spiders. Every time I see one, I scream and run, and their always in my room. The one thing I have always wanted to do, was run around in a wide open area in a human hamster ball. I think, I am clumsy because I trip over myself, fall down the stairs, hit things over and etc. Well thats a little bit about myself.



All About Me:Frankie


Hi, my name is Frankie and I am funny and love to make friends. Making friends is fun because while you may know everything about yourself you probably don’t even know their favorite color or their name. My favorite color is pink which is why I wrote in pink letters! My favorite food is pizza and this food favorite I share with many people. my favorite animal is a flamingo, my love for Flamingo’s does not hide the fact that I also love my five cats. I am so excited for this blog and hope you enjoy it! Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the 2013-2014 iPanther!!!

This year Mr. Case’s Digital Journalism Club will create the content for Miller Creek Middle School’s student website.  The first club meeting is coming up on Tuesday September 17th and we are hoping to update the site’s content by the end of the month.  Definitely stay tuned to what the iPanther has to share about Miller Creek, it promises to be a great resource for all things Miller Creek through the eyes of the students.

We are leaving the content up from last June so you can get a flavor of what to expect.

Come back soon!

The iPanther Staff

School’s Out For Summer!! Film Festival Winners Are Live!!

Thanks to all of the iPanther supporters from this school year.  The Digital Media 2 students did a great job bringing Miller Creek alive on the web.  This is their final iPanther, so be sure to check it out.

Included in the Final iPanther are the winners of the 2013 Miller Creek Student Film Festival (Feature News tab), a movie about 8th grade bests, creative writing, sports updates, and much, much more.

Have a wonderful summer and check back in the Fall for the next iPanther update!

8th Grade Graduation Dance Song Requests

The 8th Grade Graduation dance is coming up and I need you request songs to play during the dance. What I need you guys to do is to comment below to request your song. You can also email Mr. Case your song requests at Please leave the name of the song and the artist. The music can be any type, rock, rap, dubstep, and even country. The music must be appropriate for school, no swearing. It would be very helpful if you guys would request some songs. This is your last dance 8th graders, so request the songs you would like to hear!









By: Noah Navarro

Check Out the February iPanther

Hey iPanther Followers,

The February iPanther is finally completed and it contains so much content it will blow your mind.  This month’s iPanther offers multiple original movies, takes on the tough concept of Gun Control in the post-Sandy Hook era, starts the beginning of a great futuristic piece of creative writing, and so much more.  As you read each student’s contribution be sure to give them feedback on how to improve for next time.  And speaking of next time…we are already hard at work on our March/April version of iPanther so check back in soon.

Mr. Case’s Digital Media 2 Class—The iPanther Staff

The December iPanther is Live!


Academy Award Winning Michael Semanick with the iPanther Staff

Welcome to the latest version of the iPanther!  There is lots of great new content that has been created by the ever-improving iPanther staff.  Our biggest undertaking in the last month has been the creation of an editorial and opinion policy.  The opinion policy is located on the “Opinion” tab and the editorial policy is found in the side bar to the right of this post and will remain their throughout the year.  We hope these policies earn us your trust and respect as a news staff.

Additionally the iPanther has put together a new movie “Black Ops 2: Just Too Good”, great articles on Miller Creek’s very own cross-country superstar Nicole Bissey, the pressures of popularity, the newest in technology, opinions about the national and state election, and much, much more.  You are sure to find something you like simply by clicking around.

Enjoy the iPanther and your winter vacation.—-the iPanther Staff